BCBS Alpha Prefix List

BCBS Alpha prefix List are used to identify appropriate Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan in order to route the claims to the correct address or to contact the correct department.

BCBS prefix List from AAA to ZZZ

Overview of BCBS Member ID: 

Member ID is also known as policy number. It is a unique ID# which you can find on top of member ID card and it used for identification purposes only.

Most of the BCBS Members policy number or subscriber number assigned with 3 digit BCBS prefix along with member ID number as a part of unique identification number.

BCBS prefix is always a three letters followed by the member's ID number and which can be up to 14 digits except Federal Employee Program.

BCBS Federal Employee Program-FEP ID starts with letter "R" follow by the member's ID number. Example: R12345678

BCBS prefix acts as a key element or plays an important role while confirming member’s eligibility and coverage.

Two type of BCBS alpha prefix

  • Plan Specific
  • Account Specific

Plan Specific:

In this the first two alpha prefix identifies the plan and the third prefix identifies the product the member currently enrolled in.


Let us consider BCBS prefix “ZGP”

In this first and second character tells about the specific plan and the last character tells about the product

Z – Plan

G – Plan

P – PPO product

Account Specific:

In Account Specific prefixes will associate to the employer group, hence this are assigned to national accounts.

For all 3 digit BCBS alpha prefix identification number, eligibility can be obtained at 800-676-2583. All you have to do is call this number and provide a 3 digit BCBS prefix to the operator, and then they will transfer the call to the particular member’s plan customer service department.

Important Note:

Whenever you will submit claims to BCBS insurance always make sure to enter the member ID # including BCBS prefix to ensure accurate handling.

Below is the example of BCBS Member ID along with alpha prefix:


ABC is BCBS prefix and 1234567 is Member ID number.

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