How to wake up early in the morning

For most of the students, this is the major problem they go through. It’s very difficult to wake up early in the morning and specially when the reason is to study. To be frank for me it was always a challenge to overcome.

Tips to wake up early in the morning to Study:

Let see some of the following cases in which it would be extremely difficult to wake up early in the morning and not feel sleepy :

  • It’s impossible to wake up at 5:00 am and study,if you slept around 12:00 am. So it is very important to cultivate a habit of sleeping early and waking up early over a period of time to maintain required sleep cycle of the body.
  • Adequate quality of sleep is must or else it affect your daytime functioning,affects your ability to think properly and respond quickly.
  • If you slept with excessive use of smartphone,social media or with frustration, negativity, it’s very much impossible to wake up fresh to study. So 1 or 2 hours before the sleep,we should avoid use of social media or smartphone and given to relaxation aids like meditation.
  • If your reason is not strong enough to persuade you to come out of bed, it is impossible to wake up early in the morning. Every part of you resist moving out of bed but it’s the strength of reason which will do the job, nothing else. If my example is to be taken, I have always found difficult to wake up early in the morning when there is boring classes in the morning. But when we planned for vacation or if there is cricket match or my favorite subjects coaching, I wake up very early in the excitement. So clarity of purpose, strong reason and interest is must to make you excited and finally help you move out of bed.
  • You also have to determine whether you are early bird or night owl to be productive enough and study optimally.
  • Smartphone or Alarm clock must be kept at distance to avoid snoozing frequently. Don’t fool yourself by saying, just five minutes more. Better keep alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.
  • As soon as wake up freshen up yourself, so that you are out of sleepy mood.

Conclusion to get up Early:

But among all the points, the point which entails the strong reason to wake up must be considered seriously in order to succeed your dream. Stronger the reason, easier to complete the task. Just ask yourself why you want to wake up ? According to me you need passion not alarm clock to wake you up. It is most of the time you lack interest which makes you sleepy,if you are passionate about studying then you will hardly feel sleepy.

How to get up early in the morning

How to wake up early in the morning


How to wake up early in the morning

How to wake up early


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