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Pre Existing Condition:

Pre Existing Condition means any illness/medical condition that you have at the time of purchase of health insurance policy.

Before 2014 some insurance policies would never use to cover the medical condition that is present in a patient at the time of enrollment, and services related to that condition for a particular period. The medical condition is called as Pre Existing Condition and the period that the patient has to wait before the insurance starts paying for that condition is known as waiting period. In some cases, pre existing conditions may not be covered at all.

List of Pre Existing Conditions:

Alzheimer’sFriedreich’s Ataxia
Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisHepatitis
AnorexiaKidney disease
ArthritisMenstrual irregularities
Aortic or Mitral Valve StenosisMultiple Sclerosis
ArteriosclerosisMuscular Dystrophy
ArteritisMyasthenia Gravis
AsthmaOrgan transplants
Bipolar diseaseParaplegia
CardiomyopathyParkinson’s Disease
Cerebral PalsyPregnancy
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseasePsoriatic Arthritis
Cirrhosis of the LiverPulmonary Fibrosis
Coagulation DefectsRenal Failure
Congestive Heart FailureSarcoidosis
Cystic FibrosisScleroderma
Demyelinating DiseaseSchizophrenia
DepressionSleep apnea
Esophageal VaricositiesTuberculosis

Above is the some of the list of pre existing conditions.

But this exclusion is prohibited since January 1, 2014 by the ACA-Affordable Care Act(Obama Care).

According to this law, Insurance companies are banned if they deny treatment for your pre-existing condition or charge you more premium. Once you’re enrolled, the plan can’t refuse your coverage based on your health.

American Health Care Act (AHCA) also called as Trump Care to partially repeal Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) was passed by the House on 2017.

Senate amendments have renamed it as BCRA-Better Care Reconciliation Act or ORRA-Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act,  and this act was passed by the House on 2017.


Below table describes major differences and similarities between the ACA, AHCA and BCRA


AHCA-March 2017

Insurers are banned from denying coverage or charging more for pre-existing conditionsEach state can allow insurers to increase premiums based on pre-existing conditions after a lapse in coverage, if the state sets up a high-risk pool


BCRA-May 2017BCRA-June 2017
Insurers are banned from denying coverage or charging more for pre-existing conditionsInsures are banned for denying coverage or charging more for pre-existing conditions but will receive funding for unexpected losses due to this requirement

For summary of Better Care Reconciliation Act you can visit @

Upon checking found many of them even had queries

Is Pregnancy covered?.

The answer is “Yes”

If you’re pregnant when you apply, an insurance plan can’t reject you or charge you more because of your pregnancy and even there is no waiting period, once you are enrolled both pregnancy and childbirth are covered from the day plan starts.

Conclusion: I hope you understand about Pre Existing Conditions,List of Pre Existing Conditions, Affordable Care Act or Obama Care,American Health Care Act or Trump Care,Better Care Reconciliation Act and Is a pregnancy Covered or not in United States.

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