Medicaid Provider Enrollment Phone Number

Medicaid Provider Enrollment - State WiseMedicaid Provider Enrollment Phone Number (Help Line Number)
Alabama Medicaid1-888-223-3630

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (ADHSS)1-800-770-5650

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)Provider Registration Unit

In Maricopa County
602-417-7670 and select option 5

Outside Maricopa County

Arkansas AR Medicaid Provider Enrollment UnitLocal or out of state


When prompted select option 0(Other enquiries) and then press option 3 for provider enrollment
California Deparment of Health Care ServicesYou can request Med CAL Provider Enrollment application forms by mail with the following phone number
In California

Outside California
Colorado Medicaid Provider enrollment844-235-2387
Select Option 2 and then Option 5
Connecticut Department of Social ServicesProvider Assistance Center
1-800-842-8440 (Toll free Number)

1-866-604-3470 (Alternate Number)
Delaware Health and Social Services800-999-3371
Option 0 and then select option 4
District of Columbia DC Medicaid844-218-9700
Florida FL Medicaid Provider Enrollment

Agency for Health Care Administrations
1-800-289-7799 Option 4

Fax for Re-Enrollment or Updates to Existing Provider Files:
GAMMIS Georgia MedicaidToll Free Number

Local Number
Hawaii Medicaid

Department of Human Services Med-Quest Division
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare866-686-4272
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services877-782-5565
Indiana Medicaid1-800-457-4584
Iowa Department of Human Services1-800-338-7909 (option 2)

In Des Moines
515-256-4609 (option 2)
Kansas Medical Assistance Program (KMAP)1-800-933-6593
Kentucky Medicaid Provider Enrollment

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Louisiana Medicaid1-800-473-2783
Maine Department of Health and Human Services1-866-690-5585 Option 7
Maryland Medicaid Provider Enrollment Phone number1-410-767-5340
Massachusetts MASS Health1-800-841-2900
Michigan Medicaid Provider Enrollment Phone number1-800-292-2550
Minnesota Department of Humam Services1-651-431-7493
Mississippi Division of Medicaid1-800-884-3222
Missouri Medicaid provider Enrollment1-573-635-3559
Montana DPHHS1-800-624-3958 - Select Option 2
Nebraska Department of Health and Humam Services1-844-531-3783
Nevada Medicaid Provider Enrollment1-877-638-3472
New Hampshire MMIS1-603-223-4774

New Jersey MMIS1-609-588-6036
New Mexico Medicaid1-800-299-7304

New York State Department of Health1-800-343-9000
North Carolina Medicaid Division of Health Benefits1-800-688-6696
North Dakota MMIS1-800-755-2604
Ohio Medicaid Provider Enrollment
Oklahoma Health care Authority1-800-522-0114
Oregon Medicaid Provider Enrollment1-800-336-6016 then option 6
Pennsylvania PA Medicaid Provider Enrollment1-800-537-8862
Executive office of Healtha and Human services401-784-8100
South Carolina DHHS1-888-549-0820
Division of TennCare1-800-852-2683
Texas Medicaid Provider Enrollment Phone number1-800-925-9126
Utah Department of Health Medicaid1-801-538-6155

Toll-free 1-800-662-9651 (option 3 then 4)
Vermont Medicaid Portal1-802-879-4450, option 4
Virginia Medicaid1-888-829-5373 or local 1-804-270-5105
Washington State Health Care Authority1-800-562-3022 Ext 16137
West Virginia MMIS1-888-483-0793, option 3

EDI Helpdesk
888-483-0793, Enter the provider NPI when prompted and then option 6
Wisconsin Department of Health Services1-800-947-9627
Wyoming Medicaid1-800-251-1268

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