Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is also called as the feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day.

All around the world, most of the lovers will wait for this Valentine’s Day to make feel special and impress their loved ones.

Why Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in significance of feast day of Saint Valentine.

It is celebrated on February-14th of every year, Valentine’s day is celebration of love and affection by sending greeting cards and gifts with their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is famous and been celebrated by everyone who have been in love.


What Do People do in Valentine’s Day?

Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving greeting cards, roses, chocolates, jewelry to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day to make them feel special and show feeling of love. Some of them even take their loved ones for a romantic dinner especially for candle light dinner by the pool side along with dreamy setting, a chill in the air with soothing music. In February each day is special day when you are in love.

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday but still restaurant, shopping center and hotels will be filled around this time.


Valentine’s Week List

This Valentine’s Day start from 7th of February to till 14th February, it is also called love week for the entire loved one’s around the world. Valentine’s week start on February of every year from Rose Day to finally Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of the list that comes in valentine’s week before Valentine’s Day.

7th February-Rose Day

8th February-Propose Day

9th February-Chocolate Day

10th February-Teddy Day

11th February-Promise Day

12th February-Hug Day

13th February-Kiss Day

14th February-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s week starts from the rose day which falls on February 7th.

What better way to express your lover with roses?


Rose Day-1st Day of Valentine’s Week

As a symbol of love people give roses to their loved ones. Roses are given not just to their partners, there are roses for friends and family you just need to know the significance of the rose colors.



Red Rose:

A bouquet or a single stem of red rose is the perfect way to express your feelings of romantic love on a valentine’s day. Red roses are a time honored way to say “I love you” and express your deeply affection for loved ones.


White Rose:

White Rose stands for or symbolized innocence and purity. It signifies a new beginning at Christian wedding. If you had fight with your friend or a colleague you can end the cold war with white rose on this Valentine’s Day, which is a significance of peace and new beginning.


Yellow Rose:

Yellow Rose signifies friendship, joy, positivity and good health. On Valentine’s Day you can send yellow roses to your friend as it’s a symbol of friendship. Even yellow rose are used to say thanks, congratulating someone and to say get well if friend or someone is unwell.


Pink Rose:

Pink Rose is used to express gratitude and appreciation. It express you are thankful for something they did, whether they might be your friend, family, partner or colleague.


Orange Rose:

Orange Rose signifies enthusiasm and passion. If you are proud of someone you can let them know by sending Orange Rose.

Now you have clear idea of the significance of rose colors and plan accordingly to greet your loved ones, friends, co-worker and family on Valentine’s Day to express your feelings.

The second day of Valentine’s week comes with the Propose Day and also gets a step closer to February 14th Valentine’s Day.


Propose Day-2nd  Day of Valentine’s Week:

Propose Day is the perfect day to tell your crush or loved one, how you feel about them. It falls on February 8th of every year. Proposed day to be created special along with gifts, because telling someone you like them is important part of your life.

You can propose with a flower (Red Rose), chocolates, a ring or even a meaningful gift to express your feelings with your loved ones.



Tips on how to propose a girl:

  • Be yourself, never try to overdo anything
  • Know your girl and propose accordingly. Most of the girls like their beloved ones to propose with bunch of red roses or ring bow down on your knees and say three golden words “I Love You”. Some of them like to propose in traditional way, so know your girl before you propose her.
  • Take her to favorite Spot, make special plans-plan for romantic dinner and create a romantic moment.

All the Best♥

Next comes the Chocolate Day the third day of Valentine’s week.


Chocolate Day-3rd Day of Valentine’s Week:

Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9th of February. It is time to celebrate your happiness by presenting favorite chocolates to your loved ones.

Teddy Day-4th  Day of Valentine’s Week:

Teddy Day, the fourth day of Valentine’s week and it is celebrated on February 10th of every year.

On this day they gift teddy bears to make feel good and soft. Especially most of the girls love Teddy Bear, so sweetness of chocolate followed by gifting a stuffed Teddy Bear will make your loved ones far happier.

You can find here, some of the best Teddy bear with good reviews :


Teddy Day is followed by Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day.


Promise Day-5th Day of Valentine’s Week:

Promise Day is celebrated on day 5 of Valentine’s week. It is very important day for loved ones for true love and long lasting relation. They give trust to their relationships and stand for their promises.

They promise to remain committed and remain by every other side to sustain for life long irrespective of whatever the situation comes in. Promise plays an important role, so promise when you ready to live with it.

Making promises is very easy but keeping these promises is difficult. So promise with your loved ones only when you mean it.


Happy Promise Day.

Next is the Hug Day of the Valentine’s Week and getting closer to Valentine’s Days.


Hug Day-6th Day of Valentine’s Week:

Hug Day is celebrated on February 12th of the Valentine’s week, go ahead and make sure you hug your friends, loved ones and parents on this February 12th.

Sometimes a hug will say what words cannot. Hug gives a feeling that you are not alone. It is celebrated for the warmth and relaxation that they believe in this special moment.


Hug Day is followed by Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day.


Kiss Day 7th Day of Valentine’s Week:

It is celebrated on February 13th of the Valentine’s week. Kiss represents Love, respect and affection for each other and it is the day before the Valentine’s Day.



Here is the list of kiss and each kiss conveys a different feelings.

Forehead Kiss

Kiss on Hand

Kiss on Cheek

Single Lip Kiss

French Kiss

Air Kiss

Butterfly Kiss and so on.

Last Day of Valentine’s week and most awaited day is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day-7th Day of Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year, on February 14th. This year Valentine’s day falls on Wednesday and it is the special moment for the people in love. We wish you and your loved one’s a Happy Valentine’s Day.



Conclusion: Now you have clear idea about Valentine’s week and why we celebrated Valentine’s Day. If you have liked our article please do share, like, comment and support us.

Once again Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

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